Hashrate NFT, P2E Game and Marketplace

Play inside
the metaverse
to earn Bitcoin
and Ethereum

Crypto miners of the metaverse



1430 3D Voxel Prospectors will soon be deployed into the Metaverse


Put your miner to work and earn BTC or ETH rewards.


Your miners seek the most energy efficient methods to mine your gold.


Prospectors NFT is a themed sandbox style game where players can discover and extract precious metals and be rewarded in Crypto currencies for doing so. Each Prospector NFT game character features traits attributed to real world Crypto currency mining. Players can upgrade traits to increase rewards through the purchase of in-game assets such as tools, clothing items, power boosts, land and buildings.

Copper Rarity 1000 Genesis Miners

Mining either Ethereum or Bitcoin

Silver Rarity 400 Genesis Miners

Mining either Ethereum or Bitcoin

Gold Rarity 20 Genesis Miners

Mining either Ethereum or Bitcoin

Diamond Rarity 10 Genesis Miners

Mining either Ethereum or Bitcoin


Phase 1
4th quarter 2021

Pre Mint

  • Prospectors NFT Concept Creation
  • 3D Voxel Concepts Created
  • Business Establishment
  • Facility and Location Research
  • Metaverse MVP Development
Phase 2
1st quarter 2022


  • Series 1 Whitelist Presale
  • Series 1 Public Sale
  • Prospectors Staking Begins
  • Governance Token Introduction
  • Feature Prospector Reveal - Mar 2022
Phase 3


  • Marketplace Launch
  • Prospector NFT Accessories
  • Prospectors NFT Series 2 Announcement and Mint
  • Mining Facility Tour
  • Metaverse Game Beta
Phase 4


  • Prospector NFT Series 3 Mint
  • Metaverse Game Introduction


Your feature Prospector will soon be ready to claim. You can claim your future Prospector through ownership of a Prospector token. Holding a Prospector coin guarantees that you will receive a genesis prospector and will earn you initial mining rewards.




Annette K.

Co-founder and CEO | Mining Operations

Rantz aka - Kendrick

Co-founder | Project lead | 2014 - 2016 Poloniex | 2016 - founder B Money OTC


Co-founder | Game and Blockchain Developer

Wanderer Kitty

3D Voxel Artist


Mining Operations | Development Team


Social Media


Content Manager


Community Manager

Prospectors NFT is a collectible designed around Bitcoin and Ethereum mining.
Combining the love of art and energy efficient Bitcoin and Ethereum mining!

Business Inquiries: info@pickaxecrypto.io


Read our rewards mechanism Download
All Prospector NFTs contain attributes that represent a certain amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum mining power, similar to standardized hashrate tokens, giving you ownership of that power and mining rewards generated.
You must have a wallet compatible with the corresponding blockchain our Prospectors are released on. Example; such as Metamask for ETH
You can hold your NFT in your wallet and view it anytime on your profile page on the corresponding NFT market. For Ethereum, your wallet must be connected to Opensea in order to interact with the market. You can view your profile without being logged in by simply searching within the collection for your Prospector id#.
Attributes that determine the rarity of your Prospector include clothing, hats and tools. See our rewards mechanism for full details on this subject.
Hash rate is defined as the speed at which a computer (miner) can take any set of information and turn it into letters and numbers of a certain length, known as a “hash”. Hash rate is also the combined hash speed of every miner on the network. Hash rate is calculated at hashes per second (h/s). Currently Bitcoin mining is measured in Terrahashes or Petahashes, while Ethereum mining is measured in Megahashes or Gigahashes.
Depending on your Prospectors attributes, it will have a certain amount of mining power. This will be visible in your NFTs properties visible on Opensea (ETH). Once you know this, you can easily use a mining calculator to determine how much you may earn daily.
Mining rewards earned are determined on the mining difficulty of the networks. This changes daily as more miners join the network or leave it. The more miners on the network, the higher the difficulty which therefore would result in less Bitcoin or Ethereum rewards.
You will be able to both buy or sell your Prospector NFT on the blockchains corresponding NFT marketplace. Please only access our official collection link from information we provide here on our website, in our discord channel or on our social media pages.
Gas fees are transaction fees and are necessary to interact on all blockchains. These fees go to miners or node operators who process your transactions and secure the network. Very similar to what your Prospector would be doing but on the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.
Pickaxe will use Asic (application specific integrated circuit) machines as well as GPU’s to mine.
As with any activity that consumes energy, they can all be deemed bad for the environment. Our goal at Pickaxe is to harness the suns energy and other safe generating methods to power all of our mining operations.